The idea for Graywalkers has been brewing for the past 15 years. It was the reason Dreamlords Digital was formed, to be able to build our dream game which centered around this IP. Slowly we have been working on this project on the side, while we were focused on the contract projects to pay the bills. Our plan was to make enough money from them to eventually fund the development of the game.Though the company had grown, it did not speed up development on Graywalkers because the growth was focused on our contract projects. (I'm not complaining, we love our clients for we wouldn't even be around if not for them).

When we found out about Kickstarter, and saw how generous and helpful people were, we found hope. We suddenly believed that we could get this game funded and released within a reasonable amount of time, without selling our souls, spleen or first born for it. With your help and pledges, we can k eep true to the vision of the game and deliver a gaming experience that you will never forget.


The Kickstarter is now live. Click Here to Visit the Page


Crowd Content is an initiative that we have to get us more involved with the community even closer. We will launch this after our campaign. The initiative will allow people to share their content such as 3d models, music, sound, special effects, 2d art, animation, etc to the game. Guidelines for each type of content will be given and requested for. The content will be reviewed and if we decide to use it, the content provider will get equivalent rewards. As he continues to provide content, he will receive higher rewards. In addition, the person will also be properly credited for his work on the project. This program would be very useful to those who needs to get actual work experience into their resumes if they want to break into the game development industry. This is our way of helping those who need an opportunity to take a step into the industry.

We hope to work this out through the Unity Asset Store and through our own site that will manage this program.