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Graywalkers Purgatory Demo (Mac Universal)

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Graywalkers Purgatory Demo (Linux Universal)



- Added new graveyard level. Game now has a Scenario Select screen to choose between the first level (Demon Hellgate Assault), and the new level: Necromancer Cult Assault.

- Added new error message prompt: cannot reach target. Used if target is not within movement range, for close combat attacks. (Issue 73).


- Now, if you selected a buff or support ability like Heal, clicking on a squad member portrait will target them (while clicking on an enemy will do nothing). If you selected an attack and clicked on an enemy portrait in the turn order panel, it will select them as the target (while, likewise, clicking on a party member will do nothing). If you're not initiating an attack/spell, it's only then that clicking on a portrait will select them. If you single-click on a portrait, the camera will only center on them. To select the target, double-clicking on their portrait.

- Changed Action Unit cost of Heal spell from 1 to 10.


- Fixed bug where chance to hit was not updating when switching attack to use while keeping the mouse over a potential target (Issue 68).

- Fixed bug where move cost was not being calculated properly (Issue 70).

- Fixed bug where ranged attack was always missing when shooting at point blank (zero distance to target).

- Fixed bug where health, energy, and action units displayed don't refresh after a squad member makes an attack, especially when damaging themselves (Issue 72)

- Fixed bug where game freezes if squad member dies from their own attack.

- Fixed bug where action unit bar in squad panel was not refreshing on squad member's new turn (Issue 54)

- Fixed bug where unhovering a potential target would not reset the target indication prompt.

- Fixed bug where you could change the selected unit while waiting for confirmation of an attack if clicking on a unit portrait (Issue 75)

- Fixed bug where game was updating prompt when no ability was selected (when user switches to different ability tab)

- Fixed bug where game was trying to check to-hit chance of a unit that was already dead.