Dreamlords Digital (DLD) is a 2+ year old direct-to-digital game & gamified app development company based in Las Vegas and Manila. We are currently a 20+ member team and have worked on various projects mostly as contract developers or outsourced service providers to various companies.

The company is composed of passionate game developers who have years of cumulative experience in the gaming industry, mostly from the Mobile Gaming and MMOG development areas. Unfortunately, we can't even mention most of the projects we've worked on due to NDAs.

Suffice to say, the team has enough skilled and talented people to pull this off properly and deliver a product that will be top-notched and world-class. With your support, the DLD team will be able to recruit more talented people to focus and be dedicated towards getting the game into your hands as soon as possible.


Russell Tomas

CEO / Creative Director / Game Designer

Founder and CEO of Dreamlords Digital. An award winning creative director with 17+ years of experience in creative technology, 6 of which is in the gaming industry as both game designer, developer and publisher. A pioneering technopreneur in the Philippines, he has constantly achieved several firsts and is one of the driving forces of IP owned games in the country.

Terry Davies

EVP / Finance / Business Development

Terry makes sure the ship keeps running financially and operationally. She has more than 15 years in the Banking & Currency industry, as well as running operations for Fil-Anglo. Former co-founder of social network Flipnation.ph and is an avid hardcore gamer of MMOs and RTS games.

Ferdinand Fernandez

CTO / Lead Programmer

An active member of the Unity game engine community, and an Asset Store publisher, with products like the five-star rated Build Report Tool, and the free Unity Lua Interface Library. Admin & co-founder of the Unity Philippines Users Group. Lead programmer of the Philippine's first MMOG, BangĂș-Bang Mania. As chief technology officer, Ferdinand is busy creating new technology frameworks to make development easier.

Stephanie Peczon

Consulting Lead Producer

Steph brings the Triple A experience to the team. A game producer for more than ten years on multiple titles such as Spiderman 1, Spiderman 2, Incredibles, Rock Band 3, Military Madness: Nectaris, Sega Vintage Collection and many others. Though busy as a senior producer at Leapfrog Entertainment, she is still DLD's guide and guardian angel.

Jay Tomas

Lead Writer / US Managing Director

Jay is the currently in charge of US operations. Aside from that, he is also the lead writer for Graywalkers: Purgatory, as well as one of the writers for the comic book and the novella versions.

Otherworld Agency

Sound Team

Fabian Malabello and The Otherworld Agency are a video game composer and sound design agency that represents a vast and varied range of talent with both indie and AAA video game credits. They working closely with over a dozen musicians and sound designers on many upcoming indie games.

Cedric Bravaglio


Cedric Baravaglio is a Switzerland-based musician, who has been performing and composing music since his childhood. Cedric is currently working on several video games and collaborating with AAA game music talent on a highly anticipated movie trilogy.

Bob Greenfield

Online Relations Manager

Bob is the newest member of the Graywalkers Team. This New Jersey entrepreneur is well known in the Kickstarter community as Entropy. His effort, passion, and success in helping Graywalkers establish many of its current online presences and partnerships has made him one of the key foundations behind our current marketing efforts.

Joma Cueto

Concept Artist

Joma is new to the gaming industry but has shown talent ahead of his years. As you can see from many of his concept work, he is very creative and talented and simply gets better every day.